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Mother of Monstrosities - Quest details   

Start Level: 40-74   Ouest Type: Repetable   Start NPC: Chichirin Show spawn location on L2 map ..
1. Exp: 200454 ,  2. SP: 135933 ,  3. Adena: 40299
Entry Requests
Step 1 - Chichirin's Favor
While Priestess of the Earth Chichirin was asking to defeat Earth Wyrm even at a later date, she asked to take a look at the dead body Earth Wyrm Trasken in advance.
Received/Requested items for this step:
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Go to: Earth Wyrm's Cave
Step 2 - Let's Return to Chichirin
As Chichirin requested, you faced the Earth Wyrm's dead body and take the fragments of Earth Wyrm's remains. Let's go back to Priestess of the Earth Chichirin in the Town of Schuttgart.
Go to: Priestess of the Earth ChichirinPriestess of the Earth Chichirin