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  Quest Name   Description Level Type Requirements Start NPC
  We Are Friends Fairy citizens , who are suffering from tyrannical ruling, are asking adventurers for help. Citizens say they can help adventurers in the future if adventurers can help them now. 90+ Repetable No Requirements Fairy Citizen
  Placing My Small Power Elven Hierarch Asterios worries that the Mother Tree will someday die... 90+ Repetable No Requirements Asterios Show spawn location on L2 map ..
  Unsettling Shadow and Rumors Kantarubis, who's staying in the Ancient City Arkan, is worrying that an uneasy energy is going around these days... 90+ One-Time Completion of the "Shadow of Horror, Dark Brown Fog" Quest Kantarubis Kantarubis
  Crossroads between Light and Darkness Two of them, Jonas and the Priest of Doubt, say that they have different reasons for the Decaying Trace of Darkness is needed... 90+ One-Time Possessing the Decaying Trace of Darkness Item Unknown
  For the Forgotten Heroes u,The name Josephina is faintly written on the map. Josephina's Campanion Izael in Magmeld's Ancient City Arcan might know something about this map… 90+ Repetable The quest Shadow of Uneasiness: Rife with Rumors is complete. Carry the old roll of paper item. Unknown
  Unstoppable Futile Efforts Fairy citizens, who have fled from the Fairy Settlement, feel uneasy everyday. Fairy Hierarch Noeti Minirede is desperately looking for someone who can help fairy citizens who spend uneasy days... 90+ One-Time Completion of the "Unsettling Shadow and Rumors" Quest Noeti Mimilead Noeti Mimilead
  The Corrupted Leader Naomi Kasheron decided to fight against Kimerian by himself for fairy citizens who are helplessly suffered by Kimerian. 90+ One-Time Completion of the "Unstoppable Void Efforts" Quest Naomi Kasheron Naomi Kasheron
  The Corrupted Leader: His Truth It says that Naomi Kasheron is working hard day and night in order to catch Kimerian who disappeared in front of him... 90+ One-Time Completion of the "Corrupt Leader" Quest Naomi Kasheron Naomi Kasheron
  To the Prison of Darkness Cat Clan's Chief Slaki, who's staying in the Ancient City Arkan, says that the Prison of Darkness is shaking and asks you to go the Prison and find Opera who's investigating Spezion's body remains. 90+ One-Time No Requirements Slaski Slaski
  Undecaying Memory of the Past Cat Clan's Warrior Oper who's staying in the Prison of Darkness, asks you to put awakened consciousness to sleep by going into the sense of Betrayer Spezion. 90+ One-Time Completion of the "To the Prison of Darkness" Quest Opera Opera
  Stuffed Ancient Heroes People say God's Messenger Lydia staying at the Orbis Temple is waiting for adventurers who can defeat heroes restricted like a stuffed animal after having received a curse. 95+ Repetable Completion of the Orbis' Witch Quest Lydia Lydia
  Decaying Darkness Witch of Orbis and God's Messenger Lydia tell you the story about the Decaying Darkness to help you approach to the truth hidden in the Orbis Temple. 95+ Repetable Completion of the "Witch of Orbis" Quest Lydia Lydia
  Owner of Hall Will you able to find the story related to the reason of adventure and signs of disaster, which you tried to find in Magmeld, from here Orbis Temple? You should defeat Octavis, the owner of this temple, in order to find that answer. 95+ Repetable Completion of Decaying Darkness Quest Lydia Lydia